Tips for VoiceOver Success

voice-over studio experience

Doing most of your voiceover work from your home studio now? Ever need to self-produce? This blog shines a light on ways to make this process easier and more successful.

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Ways to Build a Career in Voiceover  2

The digital world has changed the way we work as voiceover artists, but can you build a career in voiceover from a Home Studio? This blog looks at some things you can do that could make it a possibility.

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Voice Over – The times they are a changin’!

The landscape of voiceover is changing. There’s a lot of talk about how, and not everyone’s a happy camper. The question is, do you embrace change, or sit on your hands and whinge about the good old days and how simple it all used to be? I’ll go for ‘option a’ any day.

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