One-on-One Voice Over Coaching Sessions via Zoom

Private Voice Over Coaching to help you build your technique and skills for working in voiceover or audiobook narration!


Is this you?


You know you have the skills for voiceover but feel you don’t know enough about what you’re doing to make a demo.


You’re working as a voiceover artist and want to get the edge on those trying to do voiceover without coaching or guidance.


You’ve made a demo and sent it out, but just haven’t had the response you’d like.


You want to work in audiobook narration and need to sharpen your skills and learn more about the techniques, how the industry works and how to prepare samples to send to audiobook producers. .


Maybe you’re auditioning from home with little to no success and want to learn how to make choices that will increase your success rate.  One session may be all you need to know how to deliver your script, so casting people sit up and listen!

One-on-one ZOOM Sessions will give you great coaching, refine what you already know and teach you new stuff!

So, if you want:

  • professional voice acting technique
  • insider knowledge about the industry and trends
  • to know how to collaborate in the studio to create great reads
  • to learn how to self-produce
  • to find out where you’d fit in
  • to plan a new voice demo or upgrade your current voice demo
  • to refine your techniques for audiobook narration?

I’ll coach you on what works and why…and what doesn’t and why not!

…and give you the skills and techniques to help you create great reads that get you booked time and time again.


Once you’ve registered, I’ll be in touch to talk about what you’d like to achieve!

Then I’ll send your Zoom link and relevant voice over scripts or text based on what you’d like to work on, or the type of work you’re likely to be cast for.

Click here to register for one hour at just $150AUD (plus GST of 10%)

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Jessica Clarke

Working with Abbe was the best thing I could have done to kick-start my voice over career. The most skilled and experienced voice over artist in the country, she’s also a wonderful, passionate teacher who genuinely cares about her students’ progress. I made my demo with Abbe and was accepted by Australia’s leading voice over agency, EM Voices.  I can’t recommend her highly enough – you won’t find a teacher with more expertise in the world of voice over than Abbe. She’s the greatest.


Justine Puy

Working with Abbe was such a privilege and what I gained in confidence, I owe to her valuable knowledge of the voice and the industry. I contacted Abbe to produce a new demo and to broaden my skills and abilities. I had such a ball making my demo and Abbe was able to draw out the best in me. She has an incredible ability and sensitivity when it comes to helping create the perfect atmosphere for your reads. If you are looking for some coaching then look no further ‘cos Abbe is the lady you have been looking for.


Fiona Reed

Crime Scene Investigator and Voiceover Artist

I finally ‘got it’ when I did Abbe Holmes’ voice over course. Using the techniques I learnt from Abbe, I am now getting work which is a dream come true for me. The feedback I’ve been getting is great and I’m feeling more and more confident and proud of my work. I would highly recommend Abbe to anyone who is serious about getting into voice over.


Kyle Kidd

Abbe has excellent attention to detail, focusing on every little aspect of the craft until it becomes second nature. Her personality throughout her coaching is warm, uplifting, not to mention inspirational. Her experience in the industry itself shows within each and every session, giving you the confidence to achieve your best in the booth. Throughout my demo making process Abbe chose the strongest pieces and created something that has gained attention from other studios. I can’t think of anybody else who I’d rather work with to improve my craft and help advance my voice over career.


Rosie Traynor

Voice Over Artist

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Abbe as a personal voice coach. It was a fabulous experience! You’re in safe hands with Abbe. With so much experience in the voice over business, Abbe generously shares her wealth of knowledge. She instinctively knows how to get the best possible performance and is relentless in her pursuit of the perfect read. She is great at communicating what’s required and tailors the training to meet each individual’s needs.

A sound investment. Two thumbs up!


Cameron Bate

If it wasn’t for Abbe I would still be stuck in my bedroom yelling into my Mic, trying to impersonate the latest Harvey Norman Ad. Her insight and wisdom has helped me improve my skills and boosted my confidence in the booth, identified problem patterns and gave me a set of tools to help me trouble shoot any tricky moments that might arise.

The ‘One Dayer’ sessions are a must for any serious voice over student. The pennies keep on dropping and advice is always only a phone call away.

Abbe is a great mentor and has helped my dream come true.

Adam Cook headshot

Adam Cook

Head of Acting, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen) Actors Centre Australia


Abbe Holmes is a sensational teacher in the art of the voice over.  

In her classes she keeps the focus practical and specific to the challenges and techniques of voice over, providing priceless guidance and advice. Year after year our students come away from her classes with vital and impressive marketable skills.

I highly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring this exciting and highly competitive aspect of our industry.