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To be a successful voiceover artist, you need to understand that
voiceover is about a lot more than just reading words. You need to know the rules and theory of voiceover to carve a career from a
passion or a desire.

That's what I did, over 30 years ago. I turned a love of words and language into an incredibly successful voiceover career!

I work in mainstream voiceover for radio and television, narration for the corporate sector, website content and documentaries, as well as characters for animation, IVR, ADR, on-hold and foreign film dubbing.

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To be successful in any industry you must make a study of it. But without expert coaching and guidance you won't even know what to study or how to apply what you've learned. Voiceover technique training is essential.

You may have the potential to be a successful Voiceover Artist, but unless you really…

  • understand how the voice over industry works

  • understand how to pick up a script and know instantly what's required

  • understand where you'd fit in and what you'd be cast for

  • understand how to make a fantastic voice demo that will get you work and

  • understand how to market yourself and your voice

…your chances of getting into voice over will be about zilch.

For the past 30 + years, I've been working as a Melbourne based, Australian Voiceover actor…but it really doesn't matter what country you're in, voice over technique is the same everywhere. It's about telling a story, rather than just reading words. It's about engaging the listener in such a way that whatever the message is, it hits home.

Since the 1980′s I've been at the top of my field. I've read almost every kind of ad there is to read. As well as mainstream radio and television advertising, I do character voices for animation, narration for corporate identities, documentary, foreign film dubbing and audio books, as well as educational and learning programs and interactive voice response and on-hold messaging for telephone systems. If you're looking for a female voice over artist, you can learn a little more about me and my career, by going to the EMVoices website and listening to my voice demos or going to my personal website for some animation vids www.abbeholmes.com

There's one thing I do know, and that is, that without great theory and technique coaching, coupled with one-on-one studio practice with a professional who's working in the industry, it's going to be nearly impossible to break in.

My coaching is designed so that each unique individual experiences the reality of working as a voiceover artist, as well as discovering where they'd fit in, perfecting their unique style and moving towards making a voiceover demo and launching themselves.

Even after you've made a demo and are working in the industry, it's essential that you keep working at being a voice over artist…keep practicing, keep honing your skills and improving your style.

My simple online/studio practice course structure will give you a really affordable option to study voice over and improve your skills and confidence at your own pace, as you plan your career as a Voice Over Artist.

So, if all this has got you thinking…contact me now and I'll be in touch.

Warm Regards

Proud member of the Equity Section of the MEAA. Currently serving as Victorian Branch President

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