#6 The Best Ever Demo



Get the ‘thumbs up’ every time. Making a great voice demo that will get you work is the single most important thing you can do to launch your career! Understanding how to make one that will get you work is essential.

Listen to a sample right now.

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Without a great demo it’s next to impossible to get a job as a voice over artist. The biggest mistake I see people make is that they put money and effort into making a voice demo that will never get them work, because they don’t really understand what’s required or what they’re good at. That is, they make their voice demo first instead of last.

In order to know how to create a unique voice demo, you first need to really know your voice and where you fit.

If you’ve had some training and you think you already know this, then go for it. But you’ll have to be really honest with yourself and ask yourself this question. Do I really know how to make a voice demo that will get me work?

If you have even the slightest doubt, then download this program. It’s full of essential information that will save you money, and give you all the tricks and tips you need to create a voice demo that will rise above the thousands that get thrown in the bin each week.