Voice Over Convention

Voice2014 Convention – Anaheim, USA

Here I am with Aric Shuford, who runs the SAG/AFTRA ‘Don LaFontiane Voice Over Lab, the fabulous Tess Masters, LA based Aussie Voice Actor and author of ‘The Blender Girl’ and Scott Brick, husband of Tess, voice actor and top US Audio Book Narrator.

Voice Over Coach

I took the plunge and got myself over to LA for this brilliant gathering of minds, brought to Voice Over from all over the US and beyond, by the wonderful team at VoiceActing.com based in San Diego.

James Alberger, Penny Abshire and their team made sure the show was seamless.

There were:

  • top coaches and speakers covering every area of voice over,
  • informative panels and practical sessions,
  • not to mention some pretty fabulous entertainment along the way!

The nature of voice over in the US is that most people are working in isolation.

Creating an event that can bring people together as a community is key to making sure our industry andthe changes that will inevitably come still mean that the skills of voice acting are respected, and we can make a good living from our craft…

…and doesn’t ever mean a ‘race to the bottom’ on production quality and fees.

Voice over is a skill.

You may not need a University Degree, but to be a great voice actor, you need to understand that it involves much more than just reading a bunch of words.  

In the future Voice Over conventions and conferences, fostering a meeting of minds, will be the way make sure we’re well informed, well educated and all on the same page globally.


Next March, I head off to Atlanta Georgia for VOAtlanta, which also got the heads-up from so many I talked to at Anaheim.

I’ll be speaking and running small-group coaching sessions and can’t wait to share my knowledge and the techniques that keep me in a voice over career.

So, if you’ve been thinking about investing in your voice over career and you can get to Atlanta, just have a look at the web page for what’s in store.